Cash Your Gold


We collect personally identifiable information that is volunteered during the registration process or in response to specific information requests explicitly presented to Consumers. You will be requested to provide the following

•    First and Last Name
•    Postal Address
•    E-mail Address
•    Telephone Number.
•    Void Check containing Routing and Bank Account Number (in case of online transfer)

It is our policy not to sell or pass any of this information to any other organizations unless we are required to do so for fraud prevention and detection.

We may disclose personal information in order to:

•    (1) comply with applicable laws;
•    (2) respond to governmental inquiries;
•    (3) comply with valid legal process; and
•    (4) protect our rights or property

We do not sell, rent, trade or share your e-mail address, or other personal information, to third parties. We may, however, use trusted third parties to help us provide services to you, such as fulfilling orders, processing payments, and administering e-mails. If personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, e-mail address, telephone number) is provided to any of these third parties, we will require that such information be maintained by them in strictest confidence. These third parties are prohibited from using your personally identifiable information for any other purpose.
If you make inquiries through the web site, your name and mailing address may be added to our email list and database. This information will only be used to contact you if we need to contact you about the items we received from you. These communications are considered necessary to provide the service; therefore, you will be unable to opt-out of these communications. We do not send promotional or marketing emails.
While we strive to protect your data completely, we can not guarantee 100% absolute privacy of your data. We will never send you an email asking you to login into a Almas Jewelers Gold Cash account, or any other account; commonly called 'phishing'.
Almas Jewelers will buy the following scrap gold: Broken or Single Earrings, Broken Chains, Bangles, Charms and Pendants, Class Ring, Foreign Gold Coins, Items with Removed Stones, Outdated Items, Pendants, Wedding Rings, Service Pins, Gold Casting, Other Silver Jewelry and Diamond jewelry. To contact:

If a customer from outside the state of Texas wishes to cash his/her gold with us, put your gold items in an enclosed bag, put the form, which can be downloaded from the website, and bag in the envelope and send it to us by postal mail. Postage will be paid by Almas Jewelers.

When a product is shipped to our store make sure you insure your shipment , using any carrier you choose. Ensure that there is no reference to gold, scrap gold or any other precious metal on the envelope, however. Almas Jewelers will pay for the insurance charges. If there is a loss of the contents of that you properly shipped to us in accordance with the instructions and procedures set forth on the web site, Almas Jewelers will not guaranty you against such loss.  

Once the jewelry is received at our store we will video tape the entire contents of the package starting from removing of the sealed package till the time of assessment of the jewelry. The list of items along with the video will be mailed to your email address.

As soon as your scrap gold arrives at Almas Jewelers, they will make an assessment of the value and will send out a check within 24 hours.

The assessment will depend upon:

•    Whether or not your items contain gold or other precious metals and gems
•    The purity of the gold or other precious metals and the quality of the gems
•    The weight of the gold, precious metals, and/or gems

The amount of your check will depend on this evaluation.
Remember, the scrap gold price Almas Jewelers pays for your scrap gold does not reflect retail prices. It will, rather, reflect the price of the gold in the items. We will pay by weight, the more gold the more we will pay.

We do pay the current market rates (KITCO) for all kinds of Jewelry. We would send you an estimate of the Jewelry first. If the price is agreed upon, we can send you a check ot a direct deposit to your account can be made.
In case of direct deposit to your account, there would be a direct deposit fee of 35$ charged from your final jewelry price.
If the price cannot be agreed upon, the jewelry will be sent back to you, but the shipping costs(both sides) will have to be borne by the customer itself.